Calculating tax code reverse

Online calculation of the Tax Code Reverse

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To derive the tax code reverse must enter the tax code in the appropriate field and click on CALCULATE.



Once you have made the tax code reverse can click on COPY want to use as the data obtained.



By clicking on the button LINK you can extract the reverse link of the tax code just calculated to share with whoever you want.

Questions and answersUseful information on the tax code

What is the Tax Code Reverse?

The calculation of the tax code reverse allows to extract some data of the subject to which the tax code. The data that can be extracted from a tax code is the date of birth, gender and place of birth.

Why calculate an inverse of the tax code?

The reason why it is beneficial to have a tax code reverse is that knowing only the tax code of a person we can riasalire some of his data to identify the person himself

Reliability of decoding a tax code

As you might guess decoding of a tax code does not allow you to get all the personal details of a subject but are those unique. The first and last name can not be obtained because of homonyms.

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